About Us

Experience the incredible beauty of the Sea and have fun with the Whale Sharks!



Brumini Resorts boasts of its breathetaking exteriors and proud to be one of the pioneering resort and hotel in the southern part of Cebu. Comprising of the four initial structures spread across the townships of Boljoon and Oslob.

Exquisitely nurtured and maintained which remains to be unrivaled. Its awe-inspiring view does not fail to be an eye candy whether it maybe day or night. Catering to merely all known demographics for which the resorts only wish and wants is to continually provide worldclass service and exceptionally memorable experience.

Our room has been artfully designed with custom furniture and warm welcoming color schemes. With unique touches that not only give comfort, but allow you to rest in a luxurious atmosphere.

Simple yet tasteful furnishing creates an idyllic atmosphere that blends with the overall feeling of well-being while guests enjoy the amenities of the room with beautiful view of ocean.

Modern and traditional materials blend, whilst every comfort is thoughtfully designed to create a unique environment of understated luxury and quiet elegance.