23 Nov


it was my second time to visit Oslob and this time i brought my good friend Ross Baker and my BF with me.. Since its Ross first time in Oslob i brought him to the place where i stayed during my first time since i don’t know any hotels yet in that specific place. We went to see Brumini as its just a neighbor of our hotel and we find it very nice but we already booked in to anther hotel. But i see the place as clean and Ate Alice was very accommodating despite that we didn’t checked in the hotel. the next day we found ourselves staying in Brumini despite that we checked in from the other hotel. the food was great and the package was a good deal. Ate Alice was very transparent, despite that im with a foreigner she didn’t over charged us … Before we left, i asked for her calling card just in case i visit again the next time ..

2 weeks after my visit, my Boss called me as he had seen our pictures in Brumini and asked maybe i can bring my team to OSLOB. Being a Vendor manager i can always recommend a place. So i immediately recommended Brumini and called ate Alice. in just a few conversation everything was set, no hassle.

18 members in my team enjoyed a lot , so much fun and great food in Brumini.. They were surprised that i know a great place in oslob when i am originally from Manila. i am grateful and thankful to Ate Alice who gave a good impression during our first time and treated us so nice and she was very hospitable.. i have no bad thing to say about Brumini but all praises.. Good Job and keep it up.. unfortunately i dont have photos as its all on my fb.